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Tippmann A-5 Review

Product: Tippmann A-5
Reviewer: MobileUnit

I got my Tippmann A-5 on Saturday at Behind Enemy Lines Paintball and played with it for about 6 hours.  The owner, Howard, helped me with getting it all set up.  It was a refurbished marker and I added a J&J 14 inch ceramic barrel and an E-Grip trigger with selector.  From the beginning the marker felt good in my hands and the E-Grip made it incredibly fun to just play with the trigger, even without air!

Once I hooked up a tank, I took it to get chronoed and had my first embarrassment.  I neglected to turn the gun on and had a serious red face as the ref looked at me when my marker didn’t fire.  Once that problem was dealt with we had little trouble dialing in the velocity.  While in the chrono area I decided to fire off a few rounds and just get a feel of the marker before playing.  The first thing I noticed was that the marker was pretty accurate.  The target was only about 15-20 feet away so it was hard to judge at the time.  The balls came out pretty smooth on full auto, and I really enjoyed firing it.  The one thing that some may not appreciate fully is the kick that you get with the A-5.  This is something you either hate or love.  I did like the kick, as it made me feel like I was firing a real gun.  It definitely added a little something to the realism of it all.

Throughout the day I did have a few problems with balls breaking in the barrel.  I think it may have more to do with me being cheap and buying Spectrum balls than the gun itself though.  I kept firing the same case all day and had about 4 or 5 bad breaks which caused the barrel to get jammed up.  Each of these times I had to break out a squeegee and put some elbow grease into getting it cleaned out.  I made sure to take my barrel off and clean it between games to try to help out.  Other than the few breaks I had to deal with, the gun was a dream.  It fired fairly accurate even at long distance.  I enjoyed firing it on full auto and using the trigger to fire in bursts.  I got into a few really good firefights and it really held up well.

Overall I would rate the A-5 as a solid marker and something that is great for a beginner, and also great for a seasoned vet.  The amounts of mods that are available is simply dizzying.  You can make the A-5 look like just about any gun you can imagine.  This is the thing that attracted me to the A-5.  I love the fact that I can have my own unique marker and there are a plethora of mod kits and parts out there that just bolt on.

Below is a picture of the A-5 disassembled:

Up next ...
I will be uploading an article on how to polish the internals.  As you can see, with the amount of paint on the internals, it will be one beast of a job.

Behind Enemy Lines 1/2/2010

Our first visit to Behind Enemy Lines in Gastonia, NC.

On Saturday, January 2, 2010, Paintball Carolina visited Behind Enemy Lines Paintball in Gastonia, NC.  The entire group went to partake in the event.  As we arrived we were all quite stunned to see a solid crowd already assembling at around 9am.  The first thing we noticed was that there are quite a few regulars that are there early, and all are extremely willing to help.  The staff was very friendly and offered advice and assistance with the field, guns, and general tactics.  The field consists of three major forts, one being a complete log cabin and uncountable man made barricades.  The land itself is quite hilly and has very good visibility, but has enough trees and bushes to offer plenty of concealment opportunities.  There is a creek that runs along the back side of the field and offers a great trail for ambushes and flanking tactics.  The referees were very fair and made the entire experience enjoyable.  Safety is of the highest priority and it is greatly appreciated.  Before every game there is a safety briefing, mesh fences line the field, and the refs offer friendly reminders of keeping your mask and barrel covers on when appropriate.  Overall I would recommend this field to anyone I see.  It was a fantastic time on Saturday, not only because the paintball was great, but the other players, refs, and employees created a feeling that you are just out playing with a big group of friends.

While there, two of our crew decided to buy new markers.  Papa Smurf purchased a BT Delta Elite and Man Down got the new X7 Phenom.  The experience of buying the markers and talking with the staff was very good.  Howard, the owner, was great to work with and provided useful advice to anyone looking for new equipment.


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