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A-5 Mods - Polishing Internals

Reviewer: MobileUnit

Hey guys, today I am going to walk you through my process of polishing the internals of the Tippmann A-5.  To start, I would like to note that this article will get us most of the way through, but I still need to go back and finish up the polishing.  When that happens I will add a second part to this guide.  I used the Brillo pad method for this review, but you can use sandpaper or a Dremel.  We may cover these methods at a later date.

Some may ask, "Why should I do this mod?"  I am glad you asked.  Here are a few reasons:
1) Increase air efficiency
2) Prolongs the life of your o-rings
3) Reduce friction between internal bolts and the frame, providing a more slick and clear movement when shooting the gun
4) Most importantly, polishing your internals not only helps your performance, but it also helps you with your knowledge of your marker.

Ok, to start you need to disassemble your gun.  You'll have to take it completely apart and take careful note of where everything goes (also handy to have your manual around).  In case you have lost it, here is the schematics:

(click the picture to open in a new window)


Here is a picture of the gun disassembled:

As you can see, the internals are painted black half way and have good amounts of over-spray on the rest.

To do this mod you'll need a few things:
1) A box of Brillo pads
2) Sink, Soap, Water
3) Loads of Elbow Grease
4) Oil for your o-rings

The first thing to do is to plug up your sink and get some water in there. Take one side of your receiver and dip it in the water, then dip a brillo pad in water and begin scrubbing on the internals.

Here is a few pictures of what you are trying to do:

As the blue accumulates on the receiver, just dip it in the water and wipe it off, or hold it under running water to rinse it then resume polishing.

Eventually, after a good bit of scrubbing you will get something that looks like this:

Once you finish polishing, you'll want to take some soap and water and really clean everything out.  You will be amazed at how much dirt and grime there is in there.

After you have finished cleaning both sides of the receiver, you'll need to dry it off.  You can use a hair dryer or towel, but just make sure its dry.  After it is dry, apply oil to all o-rings and begin reassembly.

Congratulations, you have now improved your gun for a very small price.  Now go enjoy your hard work and spray some paint.



Tippmann X7 Phenom Review

Product: Tippmann X7 Phenom
Reviewer: ManDown

The X7 Phenom is the latest and newest paintball marker released by Tippmann improving on the already impressive X7 model.  The first thing X7 owners might notice is that the Phenom is smaller and lighter weighing in at 3.9 lbs compared to 4.1 for the old X7, and about an inch shorter.  Also, the Phenom comes with a new and improved stock barrel at 9.5 inches and has porting down the barrel making it one of the best stock barrels out, more on that later.  The big thing you will notice is that the Phenom comes with the new Hall Effect grip allowing for electronic and manual firing modes.  You have 5 different firing modes, plus if your battery should die out on the field and you don’t have a back up, that’s ok,  just pop the switch to semi-auto and keep firing.  The cyclone feed system has also went through some changes with softer paddles and rounded edges to help with ball breaks.

The X7 Phenom comes with what Tippmann is calling The FlexValve Technology which allows the marker to shoot at super efficiency 300psi allowing you get around 1400 shots with a 68 4500 tank.  Also with the Spool Valve design there is very little recoil when shooting the marker making for more accurate shots even at full auto.  For people wondering, even with the slight changes in the marker, there is like 20 X7 upgrades that will work with the new X7 like the Flatline Barrel.  Also there is plenty of after-market parts and upgrades that will work on the X7 Phenom.

I’ve had the opportunity to play with the Phenom over a couple of weeks, and it’s been nothing but impressive on the battlefield firing off shot after shot with ease for the most part.  First week had a few problems with the cold and type of balls we were using causing a few breaks in the barrel. But after changing up the paint we were using, the Phenom didn’t have a single problem out in the field.   The accuracy of the new stock barrel performs very well hitting its mark within a foot or so easily from 100 feet away firing at full auto and 3 shot burst modes.  I’m not saying you don’t need to get a Flatline or another aftermarket barrel, just saying it’s not the first thing that needs to be on your wish list for upgrades to the Phenom.  Cleaning and maintenance is simple also with Tippmann’s push pin system for breaking down your marker, very simple and easy even for beginners to the world of paintball, and paintball markers.

All in all I would highly recommend the new Tippmann X7 Phenom to every type of paintball player out there in the market looking to upgrade or getting a new marker. It’s priced reasonable for the new features and improves on the old X7 plus you can use over 20 of your old X7 upgrades and mods to make your new Phenom look like anything you want and that is the fun part.

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