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Space Choppers

We are pleased to announce that this Saturday, March 20th, we will be at Paintball Kingdom in Marshville, NC for a very special scenario. The title of the scenario is "Space Choppers."

The following is from Paintball Kingdom's website:

"Space Choppers is a comic series envisioned by the late Jason Finch. Jason was a part of the Paintball Kingdom family for many years. A member first of the Kingdom Knights tournament team and then of the Kingdom Warriors, Jason’s personality made both practices and games enjoyable no matter the outcome. An obsession with classic markers caused a long line of VM68’s and PGP’s to be brought to our field, thrilling many PBK customers whom he was never to busy to talk to or explain the workings of his classic toys. Jason’s carpentry skills gave birth to both Paintball Kingdom’s castle and tank; staples of the town field which have been enjoyed by PBK customers for many years. After Jason’s untimely death in a motorcycle accident his wife Kathryn Finch wanted to do something in his memory. So began the combination of his hobbies; paintball, rock music, and his own comic series Space Choppers to create an event for friends, family, and all Paintball Kingdom customers to enjoy."

To learn more about the event go here:

We hope to see everyone at the event!


Starting a team vs Joining a team pt 2

Welcome back! Two weeks back we covered what it takes to start up your own team. It's a lot of work right? So at this point you're probably just saying screw all that bull malarkey I'm going to join a team! Because joining a team would be easier right? Guess again. It can take just as much work to join a team as it does to start a team.

Now there are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration when you're looking for a team to join. First of all take a look at yourself. How serious of a paintballer are you? Do you just want to play a few games a year, or would you like to play as much as you can? Then take a look at your knowledge and your level of skill, because a lot of larger teams require you either play with them on the field, or have a tryout. If your skill isn't up to par, then you're going to have a hard time getting a team to consider taking you.

Once you've answered all those questions and you're ready to start looking for a team, a great way to do so is at large scenarios. When you're at a large game there are usually 5 or more teams there. Make sure you make your rounds, hit up all there tents ask them about their team, ask them how many games they play each year, and what the requirements they have to join. Now this seems like a lot to go through in order to just hop onto a team, but you don't wanna find yourself on a team that you're not going to like!

So you've put in the work, you've walked around to all the different teams and you've made a note of the ones that you liked. The next thing to do is just hang around with them. For the rest of the event just get to know a few them, run with them on the field, make yourself noticeable. Then from there go ahead and just talk to them about what events they'll be playing, and then plan on going to those events. I wouldn't say it's "easier" to join a team rather than start a team, but it can appear to be. I mean you don't have to put in all the up front work, it's more just networking. It's a lot more networking to join a team, what I mean by this is, that you'll have to talk to a lot of new people, ask a bunch of questions and get people to know who you are.

Okay, so you've picked a team? You've hung out with them for a few events, and you've gotten to know the guys/gals. The next thing is you're going to have to talk to them about what their requirements are for joining. Like I said in the last article a lot of teams will require you to pay yearly dues. These dues are used for various team related expenses throughout the year. And most teams will require you to have certain camo patterns or have a team jersey. Some will require you to have a tryout, and some will just judge your field play and go from t here. So however short this article is, I think I covered the main things to take into consideration when you're looking to join a team! So I hope this helps anyone who had any questions about it, your next move is to just get out there and go for it!

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