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MPP Games: The Invasion of Sicily

By: MobileUnit

From Ben at MPP Games:

"MPP Games invites everyone to storm the beaches of the Gulf of Gela with General Patton at "The Invasion of Sicily."  Join the fun starting April 23rd through the 25th at one of the five best fields in the country, Bear Claw Paintball in Fayetteville, Tennessee! From five landing craft, two-hundred plus players will storm the fixed fortifications while dodging the beach obstacles set out by the German and Italian armies to thwart the British and American invasion. Dateline July 1943, 160,000 men of the British 8th and the U.S. 7th armies landed in Europe for the first time since the war began. They faced off against the German and Italian forces of some 300,000 who pledged never to allow any allied forces a foothold in Europe. Fly with 82nd Airborne as the AAs are commanded to keep the reinforcements of the Hermann Goering Division from joining up with the defenders at the beaches of southern Sicily. Then fight your way across the island capturing such exotic places as Piazza, Emma, Palermo, and Messina! You will decide the outcome of this epic battle...

Join the famous Friday night player party, camp on the twenty acres of grassy fields, with electrical hookups for campers, real toilets, hot showers, and even hotter barbeque! On Saturday join the best teams in the southeast at the player orientation at 10 a.m., then begin to move to your landing craft or take flight with your airborne division, while the Germans man their fortifications and ready themselves for the onslaught. This isn't the same game over and over again; but a new and challenging war game that will make you use all your senses, skills, and intellect to the max. Are you ready for the challenge and excitement? Sign up now at Bearclaw Paintball or Millennium Paintball Productions - Quality paintball scenario games ... free patches are ready for the first 500 registered"


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