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Space Choppers

We are pleased to announce that this Saturday, March 20th, we will be at Paintball Kingdom in Marshville, NC for a very special scenario. The title of the scenario is "Space Choppers."

The following is from Paintball Kingdom's website:

"Space Choppers is a comic series envisioned by the late Jason Finch. Jason was a part of the Paintball Kingdom family for many years. A member first of the Kingdom Knights tournament team and then of the Kingdom Warriors, Jason’s personality made both practices and games enjoyable no matter the outcome. An obsession with classic markers caused a long line of VM68’s and PGP’s to be brought to our field, thrilling many PBK customers whom he was never to busy to talk to or explain the workings of his classic toys. Jason’s carpentry skills gave birth to both Paintball Kingdom’s castle and tank; staples of the town field which have been enjoyed by PBK customers for many years. After Jason’s untimely death in a motorcycle accident his wife Kathryn Finch wanted to do something in his memory. So began the combination of his hobbies; paintball, rock music, and his own comic series Space Choppers to create an event for friends, family, and all Paintball Kingdom customers to enjoy."

To learn more about the event go here:

We hope to see everyone at the event!



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