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IA DRANG : War of Wills

We recently got in touch with Ben from Millennium Paintball Productions about their upcoming scenario IA Drang that will be held at Paintball Charleston March 27-28.  Below is an excerpt from the email we got back from him describing the event:

"So you want to know about IA DRANG? It can be summed up by saying air calvary and air mobile. This was an early battle; the true beginning of the escalating American presence in Vietnam. It took place in November of '65 and it was the first time that the 7th calvary and the 5th Calvary were used to helicopter large numbers of troops into battle.  IA DRANG was really a river that ran down the center of a valley in the central highlands, northeast of Saigon. Prior to this we had been fighting mostly irregular troops. The vietcong controlled the country side, and the ARVN troops, which were the South Vietnamese troops led by American advisors, controlled strategic points (fire bases) on the tops of mountains and in the valleys controlling the waterways. The ARVN experiment was by this time obviously a failure.  So, General Westmoreland brought in 300,000 U.S. troops to try and stem the tide of the communist takeover of Southeast Asia. At IA DRANG the Americans faced not only the V.C., but for the first time were locked in battle with the N.V.A (North Vietnamese regulars).  And so, the cards were dealt to the North Vietnamese General Nguyen Huu An and American General Thomas Brown to play out this titanic struggle.

In our game at Paintball Charleston, the Americans will have access to 5 helicopters (inserting up to 50 troops at a time), firebases, and LZs; while the N.V.A. will have V.C. troops which can receive points for being both passive and aggressive, and also secret insertions.

These are just a few hints of what we have planned. Mel Gibson's movie "We Were Soldiers" is based on this battle. On a personal level, I'm dedicating this years Vietnam games to my frat brother and roommate, Dennis Vazinowski, who gave his life in Vietnam." - Ben

Paintball Carolina is pleased to let everyone know that we will be covering the event with both photos and videos.  We are looking forward to being a part of this and can't wait to get down to Charleston to check this out.  We will most definitely be doing some promotions to give away some free gear so stay tuned!


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